Don't Panic (2014)

In collaboration with Payam Imani

This science fiction fashion film focuses on a cybernetic being in the near future trying to find their origin. They are only given clues through different messages and symbols while roaming around Tokyo. The cyborg takes these clues as messages that will lead them to their origin, only to collapse and reawaken with a different jumpsuit in an endless loop of self-discovery and lost identity. This character is meant to embody our relationship to our screens and cybernetic limbs, our digital doppelgangers and online existences, the digital extensions of our physical and biodigital bodies.

This film highlighted the "Don't Panic" Jumpsuit line co-designed with Payam Imani.

This was filmed in Tokyo and screened during Fashion Week (Spring) 2014 in Tokyo, Japan.

Special Thanks to: 

Mori Art Museum

Caffe II Solito, former Ebisu location