B4BEL4B  //  Founder and Artistic Director 

B4BEL4B is an artist-run gallery for visual and new media art with an emphasis on diversity, community and network culture. We provide a platform for emerging and mid-career artists from underserved backgrounds and communities to experiment and showcase work through a rotating calendar of exhibitions and events. We strive to support radically-inclusive ideologies, critical dialogue, and seek to engage divergent communities in order to encourage new conversations and ideas.




MEDIATE Art Group  //  Artistic Director 

MEDIATE Art Group is a San Francisco-based 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization creating meaningful, cutting edge art and music experiences through the activation of people, places and environments. MEDIATE’s mission is to inspire artists and audiences to look deep into ideas and works critically, imaginatively and without limitation. Their primary activity is the production of the Soundwave Biennial, a two-­year program that culminates in a city-wide, summer-long, multi-venue experiential event series of sound, art and music.


Past - Selected Exhibitions:

CODAME Art+Tech Festival "MOVEMENT" (October 2015) -  This 2-day performance and art exhibition explored the immersive landscape of MOVEMENT, showcased new works that demonstrated the fusion of technology and movement including AI dictated dance compositions, interactive gesture-based installations, generative art, and concept pieces by emerging to established, local and international artists.


Art by Code (January 2015) - “Art by Code” was a group exhibition which gave us insight into a changing digital universe populated by artists who brave new frontiers with their computational skills, and go beyond the limits of commercial software to create their own their unique codes. 




In.Secure (October 2014) - In.Secure explored in various contexts the deeper meaning of security and privacy with a group exhibition involving music, fashion, performance, and interactive art installations. Presenting artists included Kinetech Arts, Outerbody Labs, DataFountain, and more.